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Gemini Chokes

13/08/2012 12:00:00 AM


Now available in Australia:

We are now able to provide the full range of Gemini Shotgun Chokes and have the full range for most makes and models of shotgun.

Contact us for more detail: -

A & W Grassi Pty Ltd

927 Wangaratta Whitfield Road

Oxley,      Victoria,      3678

Phone : 03 57273794  Mobile: 0429 365215

Email: angelograssi@bigpond.com

Dealer enquiries welcome.....

Gemini Chokes
The enthusiasm, research, attention to detail and the experience of many years as suppliers of the most important arms factories in Italy, allow us to offer a product with optimal characteristics.
Made of steel 42 CrMo4 with modern CNC machines, are subject to careful control at every stage of the working process through the use of specific calibrations, which are periodically checked.

The finishing of these chokes is second to none: grinding + lapping, and finally the surface treatments:
1) "niplate" (nickel HV 500) for the interior pieces
2) chroming / burnishing for external pieces and internal / external pieces.


Giovanni Cernogoraz wins Gold in the men’s trap shooting at London Olympics 2012 using Gemini Chokes.

Gemini Chokes manufactured in Italy by Giovanni Grassi.