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No Excuse For Hunting illegally

1/08/2012 12:00:00 AM

Game Council NSW does not support illegal hunting and, along with the broader community, genuinely wants to remove the minority who hunt illegally.

Chief Executive Officer Brian Boyle today strongly encouraged legitimate hunters to do all they could to assist police by reporting criminal activities.

“Game Council fully supports patrols such as those in the Bombala region to address illegal hunting in the South East Forests National Park,’’ he said.

“A NSW Game Hunting Licence plus written permission is required by law for conservation hunting on declared State forests in NSW.

“Those who choose not to abide by the law are firmly reminded they face fines of up to $5500 if they hunt on State forests without authorisation. They also face confiscation and destruction of their firearms as well as severe penalties under the Crimes Act, including up to five years imprisonment.

“We want to send a clear message. Illegal hunters are criminals; there is no excuse,’’ Mr Boyle said.

“They tarnish the reputation of the majority of law abiding citizens who genuinely want to make an ongoing contribution to feral animal control through conservation hunting.’’

Since conservation hunting commenced on public land areas in March 2006, close to 4400 feral animals such as pigs, goats, foxes and rabbits, have been humanely destroyed on our State forests by holders of a NSW Game Hunting Licence who are also accredited.

Licences are issued by Game Council NSW. For more information please telephone (02) 6360 5100 during business hours or visit our website: www.gamecouncil.nsw.gov.au

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