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Ad # 3361
Location: Wangaratta
Category: Accessories
Posted by: angelo
Active: 24/04/2015 3:41:00 PM
Expiration: Tuesday, 17 October 2017
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Description: The Woodleigh Bullets Loading Manual is packed with reloading data. Woodleigh Bullets Logo ISBN 978-0-646-92382-6 Copyright 2014 Hardbound - 349 pages By Geoff MacDonald, Graeme Wright, and Hans Bossert The manual is first presented to us with a Forward written by Wayne van Zwoll. He lauds the manual with comments such as, "You'll marvel with me at the Woodleigh bullet line - a chapter's worth of diameters and weights", "Want data? This manual is loaded!", and "Eye-friendly layout and type deliver here a trove of knowledge ..." Mr. van Zwoll, author of several books and nearly 3000 magazine articles on hunting and shooting, knows what he is talking about. We are then introduced to the authors and are told the history of Woodleigh Bullets. Certain individuals were key to that history and the book identifies who they are and the contributions that they made. It is in these pages that we learn about Woodleigh's innovative and effective hydrostatically stabilized bullets or hydros. The book continues with a description of the various Woodleigh bullets, recommendations for reloading, and a useful chart of powder burning rates. Reloading data, the "meat" of the book, is divided into two sections. The first section lists data for American and European cartridges. The second section lists data for British and double rifle cartridges. The influence of contributor Graeme Wright is readily apparent in the second section. A good deal of popularity has been generated for Woodleigh bullets because they offer several hard to get bullet diameters and include many heavy-for-caliber bullets in their line. But, though those bullets are available, loading data has been difficult to find. Need to load Woodleigh's 180 grain soft points in a .270 Winchester? Want to load Woodleigh 250 grain FMJ's in a vintage .318 Westley Richards? The Loading Manual tells you what you need to know to accomplish that and much, much more. The Woodleigh Bullets Loading Manual is a technical reference book. You won't find yourself staying up late at night reading it in bed. But, you might just find yourself staying up late at night reading it next to your loading press.
Condition: New
Seller Contact Info:
0429 365 215 or 03 57 273 794
Dealer Contact Where Sale Will Be Conducted:
A W Grassi Pty Ltd
927 Wangaratta Whitfield Road Oxley, Vic 3678
Phone: 0429 365 215 or 03 57 273 794
Email: angelograssi@bigpond.com
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